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Heart Fact #1

Measuring your heart rate using a heart rate monitor, is a good way to determine the effectivness of your workout. Your heart rate indicates when you need to either increase or decrease training intensity to achieve the level of fitness you are seeking.

Heart Fact #2

Daily monitoring of heart rate can keep an eye on trends in resting heart rate and relative heart rate responses while training. Higher than normal heart rate may be an indication of overtraining and that you need a break from training.

Heart Fact #3

Knowing your heart rate can help you design, start and follow a workout routine that is personalised to your fitness level. It is a very accurate and objective way to determine the benefits you get from your workout.

Heart Fact #4

Using a heart rate monitor can help to manage overload of training stress expose in excess of what you are used to. Thus, heart rate training is a great way to precipitate improvements in performance in a controlled manner.

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